History by Bev Frisch

The first sermon preached West of the Genesee River was delivered in 1807 by the Reverend Peter Van Nest, an itinerant minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  This was in the present Town of Ogden.  This settlement was so small and so far to the next settlement , it was impossible to set up a church, so circuit riders were created and served this area.  In 1811 the First Society was formed by Loring Grant which was the start of the Ogden Circuit.  These services took place in resident's homes and in area schools.

In 1838 the Society of Spencerport built their first meeting house on the Southwest corner of Canal Street and Main Street.  This stone building was their first church.  In 1868, as Methodism grew in Spencerport, the society's church needed repairs.  It was decided to build a new church.  With Reverend C.C. Wilbur as their pastor the Society of Spencerport built their church on todays site at 30 Amity Street.  The building was completed in 1871.

In 1909 church services were held in the chapel.  It was this year that the church pipe organ was installed coosting $1,930.  Andrew Carnegie paid $750 towards the cost.  Also a  curved altar rail and curved pews were installed.  The interior was painted and new carpeting was laid.  Reverend Peter Thompson was the preacher at Spencerport United Methodist Church from 1908 to 1913.  He preached the dedication sermon on January 2, 1910. 

Reverend Thompson's daughter was Dorothy Thompson, a world renown writer who was married to an equally renown author, Sinclair Lewis.